Work currently on display

Muriel's work is on display in churches across the United Kingdom. Click on the sections below for more images and information on each church and pulpit fall.


St. James

St. James was traditionally the fisherman's kirk in Lossiemouth. The fall was commissioned by the women's guild on their 125th anniversary. The colours of the fall reflect the colours of the beautiful stain glass window and its theme.


Saint Columba's Church of Scotland

In the many churches with a number of pulpit falls at their disposal, a white fall is almost always put in place for weddings and christenings. This white fall, while put to the same use as most others, serves an additional purpose. At its centre is a Celtic cross, a reminder to the exiles in the south of their Scottish heritage.


Saint Michaels

For this fall the client specified the angle of the cross to be as that of Christ carrying his cross to crucifixion. The colours were chosen to blend with the magnificent stained glass windows behind the pulpit.


Saint Johns

This fall was commissioned by the members of the Girls Brigade and its theme chosen by them. The fishes provide both a powerful symbol of the longevity of Christian beliefs and a very strong visual representation of the faith.

About Muriel

Muriel Ritchie is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Her expertise lies in an ability to combine contrasting materials to produce striking effects. The examples shown demonstrate more clearly than words what can be achieved.

Her falls are available by commission only. The client is fully consulted, after which several working drawings are produced, together with examples of the materials to be used. A final design is then chosen.

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Muriel Ritchie BA is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. She hand embroiders pulpit falls for churches across the world.